3 Common Questions About Root Canals

3 Common Questions About Root Canals

June 1, 2019

Has your dentist in Peoria recommended you to get a root canal treatment? Are you anxious about getting the treatment done? Worry not as root canal is one of the most common dental procedures performed for preserving the health of your decayed tooth. The procedure aims at removing the decayed portion of the tooth so that the internal canals of the tooth can be treated.

It is better to remain informed about the procedure so that you know what to expect. Here’s a look at some common question about root canal and their answers.

What are the signs that you need root canal?

If there’s a lasting pain in the tooth, it can be a sign that you must consider root canal treatment. The dentist in 85381 will help in finding out the root cause of the pain and determine if you need the treatment. Other signs to look out for include increased sensitivity, tooth discoloration, and swelling of the gums.

Why you need root canal?

The only solution for tooth decay apart from the root canal treatment is the extraction and replacement of the affected tooth. The treatment does offer the same results as root canal but is very costly as compared to root canal. It’s also long and complicated. Root canals only remove the decayed part of the tooth and preserve most of the structure, which upon recovery will be just as useful as your other natural teeth.

What to expect during root canal?

Before the main procedure, the dentist near you will numb the area around the tooth so that the process becomes less painful and comfortable for you. He will use a rubber dam for keeping the rest of your mouth separated from the operative area. The dentist will then remove the top of your tooth for creating an opening through which they remove the unhealthy flesh and nerves. They will then remove the pulp and clean the cavity followed by filling it with gutta percha and sealing it. If required, you will be called for additional appointments.