Dental Implants – A Different Procedure You Did Not Know About 

Dental Implants – A Different Procedure You Did Not Know About 

January 1, 2020

You must have heard about a cosmetic dentistry procedure called a dental implant. Missing teeth have a backup plan and that is known as an implant. You can regain confidence after an implant. Your lost tooth left a space and it can now be filled with a false tooth. It does not look artificial because the dentist will make sure you get the right colored and shaped tooth.

Some people have phobia for invasive. This is where an advanced implant technique steps up. Implant restoration has an alternative called mini implant. Any person who is unable to get a dental implant due to any reason can get a mini implant.

What are Mini Implants?

Mini implants in Peoria are similar to conventional implants. They can serve any patient that can be treated with the traditional implant but the difference lies in the structure and procedure. They have the same appearance but the size is smaller. A titanium screw is topped with a ball-shaped structure. A socket is present with a rubber ring at the end that attaches the implant with the post. The general implant is three to five mm wide but the mini implant is one to three meters in diameter and 10 to 15 mm in length.

What Problems Can Mini Implants Satisfy

Mini implants can satisfy any dental problem that a traditional implant can. It is more efficient for patients who have lower jaw bone space or phobia for invasive. Instead of going through the painful bone grafting procedure, ask the dentist to perform a mini implant procedure. Most people find it a cost-effective procedure and a major reason for the procedure’s reputation.

Procedure for Mini Implants

The procedure for a mini dental implant is similar to the traditional implants. Here is what you can expect with treatment.

The treatment takes one day for adjustment. Hence, the procedure is less time consuming and less pain is involved. First, the dentist will mark points on the surgical site and using a drill, a small hole will be constructed. After constructing a hole, the mini implant is placed. You may feel a little discomfort for the first few hours or a day but it vanishes soon.

After successful placement of the implant, it is fixed with rubber o rings that give the perfect denture shape and appearance.

How to Care For Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants need some special care for a couple of days. You cannot follow a casual routine for just two days. After that, you are good to go. Here are some tips that might help.

  • Avoid rigorous brushing
  • Use mouth rinses
  • Do not floss for the first few hours
  • Avoid smoking and drinking
  • Do not chew hard foodstuff for two to three days
  • Visit the dentist regularly

Mini implants need special care for a few days. After that, you can carry out routine tasks without any problem. They will not be problematic and regular visits to the dentist help you in keeping the implant in the perfect condition.

Benefits of Mini Implants

Mini implants are an effective option for several reasons. Here are some of those reasons:

No Complex Surgery Required

As the name says, these implants are smaller in size. They do not require complex surgeries for placement. A simple procedure and you have a beautiful smile that you had been waiting for.

Less Time Consuming

The procedure is less time-consuming. You do not have to visit the dentist several times and the healing time is also less. Also, the time required for the process to complete is less.

Save Yourself from Bone Grafts

Some patients need bone grafting treatment before the dental implant procedure. Mini implants can help patients with lesser jawbone space without any complex grafting procedure.

Comfortable and Convenient Than Other Implant

The implants are less time-consuming. The pain is also bearable. The procedure is, therefore, more convenient than traditional implants. You get more comfort because the healing time is lesser. Mini implants are a wonderful advancement in cosmetic dentistry. If you are searching for a dentist nearby, visit Plaza Family Dental. We know how to treat patients with respect and in a healthy and comfortable environment. We assure you the best dental experience at our facility.