Do children need dental sealants?

Do children need dental sealants?

September 30, 2018

Dental sealants have been found to be an effective method against fighting cavities and dental decay. Our experienced staff at Plaza Family Dental offers several different preventative Services that can be beneficial for individuals at any age. Continue reading to see if your child needs dental sealants and how they could benefit their smile now and in the future.

Below are several commonly asked questions regarding dental sealants:

  • “WHAT ARE DENTAL SEALANTS?” Dental sealants are made out of a thin plastic material that covers an individual tooth. They’re used to protect the tooth against harmful bacteria and debris that often get trapped.
  • “DOES MY CHILD NEED DENTAL SEALANTS?” Children are not the best at keeping their teeth clean, especially the back molars. It is recommended for children to have dental sealants applied as soon as their back molars erupt.
  • “HOW DO DENTAL SEALANTS WORK?” Dental sealants are painted on an individual tooth to best fill the crevices and fissures that hold bacteria. They help to seal out these outside forces that inevitably cause harm.
  • “HOW LONG DO DENTAL SEALANTS LAST?” Dental sealants can be effective for up to 10 years, but should be checked up on by your child dentist frequently. A broken sealant can allow for decay to begin underneath.
  • “ARE DENTAL SEALANTS EFFECTIVE?” Studies have shown that dental sealants can lower the risk of decay and cavities by 80%.
  • “ARE DENTAL SEALANTS SAFE?” The dental sealants used in our office are FDA-approved and safe for children’s use.
  • “HOW MUCH DO DENTAL SEALANTS COST?” Every service offered by dental offices will vary patient to patient. Contact our team for more information on insurance plans and creating your own payment plan.
  • “HOW ARE DENTAL SEALANTS APPLIED?” The application will only take up to 10 minutes. It begins by cleaning and thoroughly dry in the tooth, then painting on the sealant and applying a special light to harden and bond the area. Most children can go through the application with no problem.

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