Fluoride Treatments for Cavity Protection

Fluoride Treatments for Cavity Protection

August 13, 2018

Our dental team at Plaza Family Dental is eager to provide easy and effective protective care for patients in the area. Fluoride treatments help to fight and prevent cavities before they even begin. This safe treatment is perfect for all individuals of any age and is totally pain-free. Continue reading on for more information regarding fluoride treatments.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is commonly found in water, foods, and soil. Several dental hygiene products, such as mouthwashes and toothpaste, contain small levels of fluoride. Fluoride works as a protector against tooth decay and fluoride. It is often recommended for younger children who have a difficulty brushing their teeth effectively. Dentists may also suggest a professional fluoride treatment for patients who are at a higher risk of tooth decay and cavities. This has a higher strength level of fluoride and is prescribed by a dentist. Older ones may take certain medications that lead to dry mouth. Dry mouth, in turn, leads to a higher risk of cavities. Therefore, dentists may recommend a fluoride treatment for individuals at any age as a further step to protect their teeth.

How is it applied?

As previously mentioned, professional fluoride treatments are a totally pain-free procedure that takes only a couple minutes. Your dentist will paint on a liquid to the surface of each individual tooth. It will set for a few minutes. Investing simply a few minutes for this easy procedure will ultimately save your on time, pain, and expenses on future restorative procedures that come with tooth decay and cavities.

If you are interested in a fluoride treatment for your smile, then contact Plaza Family Dental for more information regarding the treatment just for you.