December 1, 2018

There is never a one size fits all treatment plan for every patient. For many adults, however, there is a fluoride varnish that is a great way to prevent decay and strengthens your teeth. The treatment is available here at Plaza Family Dental, your Dentist in Sun City, AZ, 85372, near Peoria or our Family Dentist Center in 85381. If you want to know more about this topical use of fluoride to see if it would be an improvement to the health of your teeth, ask us at your next visit. The following post will explain much more about our topical fluoride treatments and its ins and outs.

Is Fluoride Varnish Really a Varnish?

The fluoride varnish dentists use is nothing more than a clear coat of fluoride applied topically to your teeth. It makes the enamel stronger while helping reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity and tooth decay. The fluoride varnishes are usually applied to your teeth while you are at your regular dental checkups. But if you are a patient who has chronic decay or severe tooth sensitivity, the dentist will prescribe the fluoride varnishes that can be used at home.

Who Needs the Topical Fluoride Treatment?

Most people think that getting a fluoride treatment is only for kids who are having cavities or for people who live in regions where the drinking water is not fluoridated. But the good thing about topical fluoride treatments is that it can be a huge benefit for all age groups that include:

  • Adults who have dental sensitivity
  • Adults who are having excessive wear or they have thin tooth enamel
  • Kids who are still in the developmental state of healthy teeth hygiene routines
  • Adults who are suffering from chronic tooth decay.

Is There Anything I Should Do to Psych Myself Up for This Treatment?

No. The treatment is painless and fast. You probably won’t even realize the varnish is in place until the dentist tells you that you can’t eat anything for the next thirty minutes up to an hour. The dentist will dry your teeth good after he exams them and your teeth cleaning is finished, then they apply that coat of fresh fluoride varnish. It dries quickly, the fluoride stays in place, and your smile will be much stronger.

Once you have the fluoride varnish in place, it will attract other minerals that are good for strengthening your porous tooth enamel. Having this done every six months at checkups will increase the density of your tooth enamel.

At Plaza Family Dental we work with you to create a personalized care program for your teeth that focuses on prevention. Please come to see us and let us help you design that plan.