What Are Mouth Guards and How Do They Help You?

What Are Mouth Guards and How Do They Help You?

August 13, 2020

Mouthguards are oral health appliances used for protecting your teeth from clenching or grinding when sleeping, from injuries when involved in contact sports, and for help in reducing or relieving obstructive sleep apnea.

The Peoria dentist recommends mouthguards for patients that are affected by the problem of bruxism, which causes them to clench and grind their teeth in a sleep-related movement disorder that can damage your teeth. Wearing a mouth guard when sleeping keeps the top and bottom teeth separated to ensure the teeth incur no damages from the pressures involved.

The dental professional develops custom-fitted mouthguards for patients affected by bruxism. Custom fitted appliances are slightly expensive but are better suited than stock mouthguards or boil and bite mouthguards. Varieties available in the market are generally ill-fitting and challenging to keep in the mouth. The custom-fitted appliance is explicitly created for the mouth of the patient to offer maximum comfort and relief from the problem of bruxism.

Can You Wear Mouthguards with Braces?

Yes, mouthguards can be worn with braces. It is particularly essential to wear a mouth guard if involved in contact sports or affected by the problem of clenching and grinding your teeth. Different types of mouthguards are available in the market for used by sports persons because they need protection for their teeth, lips, tongue, and cheeks. However, the best variety to purchase is one that is made by a dentist because it can offer the correct fit. Custom made mouthguards are also comfortable, ensuring you will be encouraged to wear it.

Wearing custom-fitted mouthguards with braces is extremely important because you wouldn’t want to damage your orthodontic appliances from impacts when playing sports or accidents. The problem will heap upon you additional visits to the orthodontist and unwanted expenditure that you wouldn’t be forever off.

Why Do Dentists Recommend Mouthguards for Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding is a sleep-related disorder causing numerous problems such as tooth pain, sore gums, and jaw pain. The issue also damages your teeth. Mouthguards for teeth grinding are recommended to keep your teeth separated, preventing them from hurting each other. Here again, it would help if you opted for a custom-designed mouthguard from a dentist rather than prefer over-the-counter products that are commonly available at affordable prices.

How to Remove Braces That Is Stuck with Braces?

Braces getting stuck in braces is practically impossible unless the appliance in your mouth is damaged and the wires or bands are entangled with each other. You may believe you can separate the entanglement by yourself without help from your orthodontist. However, it would help if you contacted your orthodontist for removing any entangled parts of the braces within each other. He or she can help you appropriately to ensure your orthodontic treatment doesn’t take a beating just because of accidental entanglement.

Tooth and jaw injuries are quite common in contact sports as they are in accidents as well. Mouthguards provide adequate protection for your teeth when you choose a properly fitted appliance for yourselves to prevent the risks of impacts to your mouth or face.

Which Type of Mouthguards Should You Prefer?

Different types of mouthguards look similar and can confuse you about their functionality. If you are involved in sporting activities that have a high risk of falling or impacting your face, a mouthguard should be part of your athletic gear. You can look around in the market or even research online to find products like stock mouthguards and boil and bite mouthguards, which are available at low prices.

If the goal of wearing mouthguards is to protect your teeth and dental health, wouldn’t it be better if you contacted your regular dentists to have him or her customize an oral appliance specifically for you? Many dentists are offering these services, similar to the Peoria dentist. Dental professionals will charge you a higher price for the customized mouth guard, which provides better protection and fits your mouth to safeguard it appropriately.

Mouthguards are devices that are available from supermarkets and drugstores but can also be purchased from a dentist specializing in customizing them. The variety you chose will determine the kind of protection you get for our oral and dental health.