Why Mouth Guards are Essential

Why Mouth Guards are Essential

October 9, 2018

Our team at Plaza Family Dental offers several different services that help to protect teeth. Mouth guards are highly recommended for use during high impact sports or for individuals who have a habit of grinding and clenching their teeth. Parents should be aware of the many benefits that mouth guards bring to younger patients. They are an excellent way to protect an individual’s oral health. Continue reading on to learn more about mouthguards and how they can benefit your child’s smile.

Pain in the Mouth; Costs to Repair Lost Tooth Far Exceeds Parent Perceptions

Many players of different sports team always invest in a mouth guard for their practices and games. Restoring a broken or knocked out tooth is a high price to pay in comparison of a simple device that is cheap. A restoration for a broken tooth does not stop after just one treatment. Over the course of an individual’s lifetime, they will have to keep up with their restoration and add-on expenses to ensure it is successful. They often need to be replaced in order to remain effective.

Which Sports Should Require Mouth Guards?

The American Dental Association put basketball at the top of the list of highest rates for dental injuries with both men and women. Most people only think mouth guards are needed for sports such as hockey and football. Preparing yourself with information regarding how sports can affect your child’s teeth will help to better protect their overall health. Oral injuries can happen during any high-risk sport for impact or collision. There is a wide range of sports events that fall under this category. Our team at Plaza Family Dental creates custom-made mouth guards for patients. Most sporting goods stores carry a wide selection of mouth guards as well. We encourage you to do your research to ensure you are purchasing a high-quality option for your player.

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